Michael and Anisa's Wedding

Hindu & Jewish Wedding at the Bhaktivedanta Manor, Hare Krishna temple near London

Last weekend I attended my brother’s wedding at Bhaktivedanta Manor in London.  It was a Hindu and Jewish ceremony, 2.5 hours long, followed by some of the best Indian food I have ever had.  Especially considering that it was vegan and made without onions or garlic.  How?!!?

The wedding weekend was the last stop on an exhausting two week traveling spree that had us sleeping in 5 different beds and 2 airplanes over the course of about 12 days and 6 cities.  I am not exaggerating.  I guess if you’re the President, this is old news to you.  But it has taken me the better part of a week and several 7pm bed-times to feel “normal” again.

Congratulations Michael and Anisa.  I wish you a lifetime of happiness, health and peace.



Paintings going up at Caffe Centro

It’s (almost) November!

November seemed so far away when I walked into Caffe Centro in May and asked to get put on their artist rotation.  But here we are.

I have seven paintings ready to go up on the walls of Caffe Centro this weekend all the way until the end of the month.

Come say hi and enjoy a cup of something with me and some friends at Caffe Centro, 102 South Park, in San Francisco this Saturday Novermber 2nd at noon.


P.S. If you’re not in the Bay Area this month, you can always check out snapshots of my work in my portfolio.

Great Explanation of Object Oriented Programming

Just a quickie here folks… I actually used Processing for some coursework when I was doing my M.A., and today I came across their explanation of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and want to share with the world b/c it’s really quick and really easy to grasp, even if you are totally new to programming! http://processing.org/tutorials/objects/


Simon & Katie's Wedding

Art, Kilts, Birthdays & Technology

I am an artist.  Let’s be frank and earnest about that.  I have known this for approximately 25 years, but I have suppressed the knowledge, living by “should’s” and “should nots”.  I should study something “respectable”.  I should get a 9-5 office job.  I should get married.  (But not to my first ever boyfriend.  I should have more experience than that.)  I should buy an apartment.  I should have children.  Many children.  Maybe eight of them.  I should name them names that are both English and Hebrew so that everyone in my family can pronounce them.  I should not think that I can be successful as a writer or as an illustrator.  I should not think that I could ever be decent at playing an instrument.  Or dancing.  Or programming.

It’s complicated.  And sure, I could go on with my list of should’s and should nots, but that’s not what I want to do right now.  Right now I want to tell you a few things about art, kilts, birthdays and technology.

On Art: My collection for my “show” in November is moving in the right direction.  I have five pieces underway and I feel strong enough to work at least three evenings a week on them, so my goal of six to ten pieces is looking realistic.  It will be a slightly eclectic collection, maybe.  But it will be honest.  And it will be meaningful, if only to me, of visions and scenes from my life and my world and my perspective in 2013.  How deliciously self-indulgent.  I’ll post some pictures in my gallery as the work progresses.

On Kilts: We were in Edinburgh for a “kilted” wedding earlier this month.  I felt like I was back in college for a week, sharing two flats with 14 adults and a baby.  Parties every night.  One night we ended up in CC Blooms because it was the closest bar that was open after 1am on a Sunday/Monday.  Turns out it’s also a famous gay bar.  My first gay bar!

On Birthdays: I had mine on September 9th.  I’m 31, which is actually turning out to be a good age, mentally.  It makes 30 feel like a novelty and it makes me see myself as a real adult.  What that means to me, will unfold over time.  But for starters, I think I’m finally ready to take myself seriously.  One symptom of this which is already showing is in the first line of this post.  I am an artist, and I am not afraid to face that fact or to talk about it, publicly, anymore.  In fact, I am excited about the whole thing.  PS September is also the birthday month for many of my closest and oldest friends, so Happy Birthday to Katie, Usha, Marjorie, Lev and Duane too.

On Technology: I am starting to change my relationship with technology a little bit.  Right now I am in a phase of humility, working very hard to accept that I don’t know everything that I need to know and the only way I am going to feel confident in expanding my knowledge and abilities is to hold my hat in my hands and start at phase 101.  That is, to pretend I’m 18 years old and interested in programming and because I’m a freshman in college I am allowed to know very little about what I’m learning and to actually – hey – learn something new.  For real.  So I enrolled in the Free MongoDB University https://education.mongodb.com to study MongoDB and Python and learn some JSON along the way.   I’m three weeks behind in this class, but it seems like they are going to let me try to catch up, so…

That’s some of what is going on.  It’s Saturday morning, a blue sky, sunny and mild day in San Francisco.  I am not going to ride my bike in Golden Gate park today, as I did last Saturday.  Instead, I am going to download my homework files and try to make up the first three weeks of homework for my new class.


Revised 3rd Verse

Last week I posted a draft of my haiku/drawing titled “On: Fear”.   It’s a draft, so I didn’t claim it was “done” either publicly or to myself, and yet, even publishing in “draft” form didn’t settle the recurring feeling that something about it wasn’t right.  So over the weekend, in the car, in my head, unexpectedly… I revised the 3rd verse.  I quickly thumbed it into an email, sent it to myself, and proceded to ignore it for five days.  Now I’m here, thinking that I’m going to post my “much more settling” 3rd verse, and be done with that piece, but looking over it, it still doesn’t feel right.  Even more than that, I don’t really get it.  And even more than that – it’s not even in Haiku format.

I know what I was doing… I was giving myself notes.  Guidelines.  Thanks Meytal from last Sunday.  Super helpful.

I have until November 1st to figure this out.

Now I wonder, if I have nothing left to conquer, what is my purpose here?



Haiku & Image | On: Fear

On: Fear

This is a preview into a work in progress for my forthcoming show at Caffe Centro in San Francisco.  It consists of a haiku and dream imagery.


On: Fear

My fears woke me up

in the middle of the night,

they locked me in jail.


One night they arrived

and I plucked them one by one

from inside my head.


Now I wonder if

I’m not afraid anymore,

does it mean I’m free?


His words flowed over me

like liquid through the delicate little holes of a watering can,

each syllable running like tiny beads of baby oil along the peachy skin of my face.

What he said, I think you know.

But oh,

how it felt for the warm heat of his voice to pour over me,

like a late spring bloom

beneath the tail end

of a thick thunderstorm.

Hope is My Middle Name

No really, it is…

from Summer 2011



Every day, without knowing it, I hope for something unexpected.

I read somewhere that the state motto of South Carolina is latin for “while I breathe, I hope”.  And immediately I thought about where on my body I could tattoo this idea.  I wanted it to be a part of me.

Maybe I’ll skip the ink, but that won’t stop me from thinking about this every day – at least every day for a while.

Breathing – as an act of life, as a metaphor, as a symptom, as a calming force – in these ways and more, breathing is an attribute I take note of, at the least, and am obsessed with at the most.  And hope.  Where would we be without hope?

Without hope:
I’d be a chain smoker
I’d have more tattoos
Or maybe I’d be a suburban housewife in London
Or… I don’t know. But I wouldn’t be here.

I wouldn’t be touched by beautiful lyrics. I wouldn’t care to search your eyes for some unspoken meaning.  I wouldn’t bother watching Alice Moyle cover song after song on youtube.

I wouldn’t download music. I wouldn’t practice my guitar. I wouldn’t wear my contacts. I wouldn’t write.